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Coal & Steel were their future

                           Love and Passion the resource

ArbeiterGood luck ! It´s the great time of the industrial Revolution at the end of 1897. In the area of the Ruhr the people are looking for work , luck and the black gold, thats deep under their feed. But coal & Steel mean future,  curse and  fate at the same time. It´s a time of large technical and radical social  changes. Everything seams to be possible, but nothing remains as it was once.  This is also felt by the people of the small resettlement somewhere in the Ruhr Area, who still have to find there place in the new world. While from the east of the imperial impire, the  workers are pouring into the districts, thousend of people are experiencing the greatest economic and social upheavel of there time


Just like Anna, who is workinging in her father´ s tavern and has a daily eye on the needs of the miner. Torn by the love of her family and longing of a better live she to find her luck in the carbon dust.


When the mighty Baron von Keppler builds a new steelworks, he needs coal and a deputy to steer the destinies of his blast furnaces. His choice fell upon his eager secretary, Friedrich Meisner. But Anna's friend and admirer from childhood soon turns out to be a power-obsessed and unscrupulous despot, which means nothing to the fate of the workers and their families.

When the new blast furnace is to be put into operation, Anna, without knowing it, will be the key to his career. Due to the increase in the production volumes, shortly afterwards, Zeche Wilhelm came to disaster.

Misfortune changes everything and also determines Anna's future. In the midst of historical events, coal and steel meet in a fateful manner. How will Anna choose? What is stronger? Their love for a simple miner, or the longing for a life in a world full of sun and light.