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Welcome to homepage of the Ruhrgebietmusical
ZecheIf  the last mines will be closed in 2018, the great time of coal and steel in the Ruhr Area will only excist in museum's and in the minds of the last miner and steelworkers. The Black Heart will stop to beat and the fires of the furnaces will be extinguished. This processing can't be stopped and will be the end of an era, which had a lasting impact over generations of people and the mining region. Most people in the Ruhr Area were involved in this success, if not on their own, even their ancestors.
But legends never die completely. Chezz Media, a production company based in Hamburg, has declared the goal, to bring the great history of the Ruhr Area to the stages by creating a fascinating and brainstorming musical. "We're going to elicit the old industrial ruins their stories and make them come alive", sais Thomas Bonk, the owner-manager and initiator of the project.
Why this musical is important and how the whole Ruhr Area will benefit from it, you will learn here on our homepage. < read the complete interview to the project >

Billions of stories, which have to be told

geschichte_banner_klein.pngWhat will the Ruhr Area be like without the population? She wrote an history, which is as special as the area itself. From the beginning of the early 18. century until the present, there are thousands of fates and occasions which are worth the effort to be written down. Our musical is based on the true occasions the people in the Ruhr Area have made. We'be been travelling through the area for more than a half year. And we've been listening carefully, when families told us their personnel storie of the Ruhr Area. That's why we ask you:
"Send us your true story about the Ruhr Area"

Even if it's haunting or amusing. We will listen carefully and the most popular stories will be edited on our homepage. May be there will be stories which we can include in the musical. How you can send us your stories please  <click here>